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My name is Marli Sayler & I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in the areas of mindset, empowerment & thought work. My presentations (just like my coaching) offer a  balance of authenticity, humor, & tools for real-life application, leaving your audience feeling both connected & equipped to create changes in their personal & professional lives. I want to make you 1-smile (maybe even laugh), 2-think & 3-take action. I firmly believe we can do some serious work while not taking ourselves too seriously. If you agree, let's chat!

Presentation Topics


Think on Purpose: A Simple Guide to Mind Management

Participants will walk away with a keen awareness of the influence their thoughts exert on their overall happiness and life outcomes. This presentation goes beyond the generic concept of a "positive mindset." It equips attendees with practical tools to navigate the intricate web of automatic thoughts and empowers them to make intentional changes. Individuals will discover how to take charge of their decision-making and emotions, fostering a genuine sense of control over their lives. This presentation ensures attendees leave feeling informed, empowered, and ready to take action immediately in both their personal and professional lives.


Have another idea in mind?

All presentations are customized to fit the audience. Reach out with any specific topics you're looking for. I'd love to collaborate!


Marli was relatable, vulnerable, authentic, endearing and her talk and tips will stick with me for a long time. It was great to walk through how she "coached" herself to make the WIL presentation - makes me want her as my coach!
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